This page is all about dragons. In it I have included links to amazing sites, interesting facts and pictures of dragons. Happy reading!

One of my favourite dragon movies is "How to Train your Dragon''which was created in 2010, directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders. Below is a link to the "How to Train Your Dragon'' website


In 2014, the crew are releasing a second movie, "How to Train Your Dragon 2'', which I am waiting excitedly for. Below is a link to the official trailer.

How to Train Your Dragon

As you may know, there are many different breeds of dragon, including the: "Gronckle'', "Deadly Nadder'', "Monstrous Nightmare'', "Night Fury'', "Thunder Drum'', "Whispering Death'', "Typhoomerang'', "Boneknapper'', "Screaming Death'' and "Change Wing.'' A few of these are illustrated below:

The "How to Train Your Dragon'' game, "School of Dragons'', was launched in July 2013, and has since become a great success! This is a fun and action-packed game, in which you can hatch and raise your own dragon. Below is a link to the site: 


The "Snoggletog'' festival is an all-new celebration in the School of Dragons

During this time, players are warmly invited to take part in traditional festive activities, which include: Dressing up your farm, purchasing an exclusive wardrobe and Snoggletog items. 

Hiya everyone! Now School of Dragons is available on Ipad! Take your dragon with you wherever you may venture!

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